BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank, 1X MAXTRA PRO cartridge

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XXL capacity with dispensing tap

  • Smooth: Sliding lid makes filling up easy
  • Clever lever: Convenient tap
  • BRITA PerfectFit for optimal filtration
  • Made with BRITA’s Bio-Based Plastic
  • BRITA Memo reminds you to change filter every 4 weeks for optimum filtration results
  • Total Capacity: 8.2 L; Filtered Capacity: 5.2 L
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BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank are developed to ensure tasty drinking water for you and your loved ones. In a quest to give you fresh and tasty water we bring to you German Engineered Water Filter Tank with Max Performance, Max Quality and Max Reliability

Product Information:

  • Always on time: BRITA Memo reminds you to change filter every 4 weeks for optimum filtration results
  • Enjoy the XXL capacity of BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank (8.2 l total, 5.2 l filtered)
    21.4 x 22 x 30.4 cm (W x H x D)
  • Smooth: Sliding lid makes filling up easy
  • Clever lever: Convenient tap
  • Stay cool: Designed to fit in your fridge

3 Reasons for BRITA Filtered Water:

BRITA provides you and your family with freshly filtered water and will give you fuller flavoured, better tasting cold and hot drinks.

BRITA water filters reduce limescale build up helping your kettle and coffee machine last longer.

Each BRITA MAXTRA PRO cartridge can filter up to 150 litres of water. Reduce your plastic use and save money by switching to BRITA.

Cartridges for BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank

  1. BRITA Water Filter Cartridge – MAXTRA PRO All-In-1 / 3 Pack
  2. BRITA Water Filter Cartridge – MAXTRA PRO Limescale Expert / 3 Pack

BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank’s Filtration in a nutshell

  1. Super-fine mesh captures coarse particles from old pipework
  2. Natural micro-carbon from coconut shells
    • Reduces chlorine, filters substances that affect taste
    • Filters trace impurities such as certain herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals
    • Provides great-tasting, freshly filtered water
  3. Powerful ion-exchange pearls
    • Soften water
    • Protect your appliances
    • Reduce metals such as lead and copper
  4. Additional high-performance filter mesh

Certified: BRITA’s bio-based plastic

A child holds a little plant in its handsBio-based plastics are made entirely or partially from renewable, biological sources such as crops and plants. We only use bio-based plastic that has been certified by the globally recognised ISCC PLUS label (mass balance approach), and we ensure that our bio-based plastic comes from sources that do not compete with food production.

Mass balance is a method in which bio-based materials are mixed with fossil materials during the production process and then added to the final product. In this way, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint and the consumption of conventional plastic.

Discover the BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank

43 reviews for BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank, 1X MAXTRA PRO cartridge

  1. Don street

     Great product

    Always buy these filters, much better than cheaper versions

  2. Zoe

    Great filter

    Really happy with this water filter, fits perfectly in the fridge and holds a lot of water. No problems at all

  3. Jewels M16


    This is a better than the older version the lid fits a lot better,, and it’s not as wide.

  4. PE Builder

     Good water filter

    Works well to filter awful tasting where I live, tap did leak when fitted but that had now been fixed

  5. kene

     Good product

    Its a good product. 

  6. Coach Dee

    Good quality and very happy with purchase

  7. Nice good working


    Enjoy to use no I not need buy water bottle more 

  8. carol larkin

     Excellent water filter.

    I like how easy it was to set up, and how neat and compact it is, but still holds enough water for 3 adults making tea coffee & plain decent refreshing water all day without having to keep refilling like with the jug, and the water taste just as good as Buxton, I am well pleased with my product and highly recommend it. 

  9. Daryl joinson

     Water filter

    Very good product it made me start drinking water much more daily as i use to hate drink tap water all the time 

  10. Ms Dee


    Bought for my daughter as they need to consume a daily intake of water Loves itWould recommend save on loads of plastic bottles 

  11. Cambsjones

     Really good to get lots of cold water

    This sits in our fridge and has been great to get a lot of cold water.

  12. Nicola

     Great size

    I’ve just moved from a soft water to hard water area and the water here is awful. I drink a lot of water and didn’t want to buy bottles every day. This is absolutely perfect for my fridge, it takes up about half a shelf so not overly big when you compare to having cool, filtered water on tap. Just make sure that the tap is pushed all the way in or it’ll leak from the hole (just something to know, once it’s done, it’s done). Love it. 

  13. yasmin zimmer

     Very nice

    Filter took at least 3-4 rinsing to work but after that the water taste so much better! Used to have abdominal pains bc of the water but much better after started using this product

  14. Keeley

    Absolutely love this product

    It’s perfect for the fridge constant cold water saves on the plastic of constantly buying bottled water just happy all round with this product having always had a filter jug but constantly topping it up and buying bottled water this is a must for busy familys or just people who drink water alot 

  15. Rob

     Nice but

    It’s so heavy when you fill in water.  

  16. Matthew

     Great Size

    The size is great and fits nicely on the bottom shelf of the fridge. I’ve previously had a few different Brita products that fit in the door. I know it’s not difficult to refill those but with this one it just makes life a bit easier.

  17. Fiona


    Great size we love it

  18. Mrs Sharp

    BIG excellent value

    Saving loads on bottled water, wish we had done this ages ago. family of 4 and its great ! happy we went for BIG 

  19. Seyit Turkmen

     Better than jug

    I have been using Beita juga for years. They are great but refilling the jug is a hassle. And because of the tap water quality, jugs get scale and lime quickly.With this huge tank, I only need to refill once in a couple of days. 

  20. airene c


    This is second time to buy, love this big tank

  21. Amudalat

     Very Good

    This water filter works really well. I have no problems with it and it’s very strong. It can hold a lot of water. 

  22. Rajendra

     Good product and design! Product quality looks good

    I bought this brand product for the 2nd time and this one is bigger in size and more convenient! This product looks good and works week so far

  23. Sillypaper22

    Love this

    I didn’t think it would fit on the fridge shelf but it does. At the first refill I was horrified to find small white calcium deposits in the top of the tank, I’ll certainly use it forever now! 

  24. Kuromi

     Brilliant product

    I got fed up with using a regular sized water filter jug since there is never enough water in it to fill the kettle, pet bowls, saucepan, fish tank, etc. Every time I wanted water I had to wait whilst it filtered enough.I invested in the bigger one so that I can fill stuff up without having to wait 2 minutes a time to filter enough water & now we always have plenty on tap (pun not intended) when we need it.The unit sits on the cupboard and is easy to use. The tap doesn’t leak nor drip. The only complaint I have is the tap could have done with sticking out a fraction more as I have to move the unit so it’s slightly overlapping the edge so I can get the jug or whatever under it, but its no biggie, just an observation.The unit itself holds what feels like about 9 litres of water. I keep the top section topped up as then it feeds down to the bottom as it empties.There is also a convenient filling hole in the lid – simply slide the blue section in the lid, containing the filter counter, back & it has a hole big enough to allow for easy following without having to remove the entire lid.Easy to use, fits regular sized filter cartridges & has a counter on the top which counts down to changing the filter.Brilliant item, so glad I got it as now I don’t have to keep filling 2 litre bottles just to ensure we have a stock of water for everything. 

  25. Donna mash


    Very pleased with this water filter x fits in the fridge and now we all drink more water x delivered quick and packaged well x 

  26. Bedash

     Good sizable tank

    Good quality sizable tank. Easy to assemble and same as described. However, unfortunately the water was too bitter for me. So I returned it. Highly recommend though.

  27. Mr. Brian Thompson

     Excellent upgrade

    This was to replace a Brita fridge tank, and it is an improvement on our previous model.Easier to fill without removal from fridge, and the tap now drains completely from the bottom( the previous model drained from an inch or so above the bottom. Also the tank has fewer recesses, so is easier to clean, which I do whenever the filter is replaced.Highly recommended, at a good price too

  28. MaRk


    Love that you can get a good quantity of water in this. All unsure about brita filters as they’re disposable. Have been using compatible alternatives.

  29. Peter

     Exactly what I needed

    It does exactly what it says. Water tastes good and I’m now saving money on not buying bottled water. It will pay for itself very quickly.The filters can be expensive enough if bought separately so I recommend buying the six packs here on Amazon. Costs much less per filter than buying individually. 

  30. dains k john

     Excellent product

    Product quality and value of money. Good for family usage.

  31. Silvia Zafra Torres

     Great idea

    My old Brita Jar had broken and it was not very comfortable to get filtered water. As for change, I decided to buy this tank instead and couldn’t be happier.It can be refilled widely from the top. The tank has a capacity of 8L and there is a tap from where you get the filtered water. I like it because now I can get filtered water instantly, also in bigger quantities if what I need is cooking, and at the same time I can add water on the top that will be filtered in the meantime I empty the bottom part of filtered water. 

  32. DT


    I would highly recommend,,, we have a small ish fridge in the kitchen and main fridge in the utility room,,, so I was unsure of it being in the smaller fridge,,, but its perfect,,, the size is faboulous the tap is really good and has a very good flow to it would recommend for the large family. 

  33. Customer

     Great value for money

    The filter works well and reduced the bad taste of water but tbh I still cant drink it I just use it for cooking and hot drinks etc.

  34. Paddy

     Good quality

    It is very convenient and the quality is also excellent.

  35. Tonia

     Very happy

    Fits perfect into the fridge and easy to use for the kids to help themselves. Very happy with purchase.

  36. Steve


    Superb capacity, makes life much easier, excellent after-sales service.

  37. Mark

     Very good

    Very nice and sturdy item..fits in the fridge lovely and is very easy to kid loves it when he can fill his juice up. 

  38. Barry O’keefe

    Excellent product, no more lugging bottles off water from supermarkets.

  39. ViVian Wu BESTKPSS

    Very convenient

    I use this to replace my BRITA jar, that’s make my life much easier, highly recommend 

  40. Sam Farndale

     Great Purchase

    Bought this after years of having a normal jug. More people living here now, it needed refilling so often that it was never cold. Thought I’d go all in and buy one of these.Been great, does the same job as the jug but with much more capacity. Can easily get a couple of days out of one fill. Nice and easy to fill with the large opening in the top. Actually using my old jug as the thing to fill it up in my fridge without removing it. Filters are the same as the usual ones so they last a little less time since they’re filtering more water but they’re easily replaced and can be bought fairly cheaply. I do like that this uses the normal filters and not different ones specifically for this. The tap works well too.Would recommend. 

  41. Aichaxxx


    Use to use the jug years ago. But decided to buy the tank because we use a lot of water for drinking.. 

  42. hebe

    Great product. Water tastes lovely, and it’s sturdy and simple to use. However – think about which shelf it will go on in the fridge. About chest height is optimal, as it becomes a bit awkward to use/refill if it is much higher or lower than this. 

  43. ksasokkumar

     Super quality

    Very good product good quality 

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