BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank, Pack of 2

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Pack of 2, XXL Capacity with Dispensing Tap

  • Smooth: Sliding lid makes filling up easy
  • Clever lever: Convenient tap
  • BRITA PerfectFit for optimal filtration
  • Made with BRITA’s Bio-Based Plastic
  • BRITA Memo reminds you to change filter every 4 weeks for optimum filtration results
  • Total Capacity: 8.2 L; Filtered Capacity: 5.2 L
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BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank are developed to ensure tasty drinking water for you and your loved ones. In a quest to give you fresh and tasty water we bring to you German Engineered Water Filter Tank with Max Performance, Max Quality and Max Reliability

Product Information:

  • Always on time: BRITA Memo reminds you to change filter every 4 weeks for optimum filtration results
  • Extra thirsty? Enjoy the XXL capacity (8.2 l total, 5.2 l filtered)
    21.4 x 22 x 30.4 cm (W x H x D)
  • Smooth: Sliding lid makes filling up easy
  • Clever lever: Convenient tap
  • Stay cool: Designed to fit in your fridge

3 Reasons for BRITA Filtered Water:

BRITA provides you and your family with freshly filtered water and will give you fuller flavoured, better tasting cold and hot drinks.

BRITA water filters reduce limescale build up helping your kettle and coffee machine last longer.

Each BRITA MAXTRA PRO cartridge can filter up to 150 litres of water. Reduce your plastic use and save money by switching to BRITA.

Cartridges for BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank

  1. BRITA Water Filter Cartridge – MAXTRA PRO All-In-1 / 3 Pack
  2. BRITA Water Filter Cartridge – MAXTRA PRO Limescale Expert / 3 Pack

BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank’s Filtration in a nutshell

  1. Super-fine mesh captures coarse particles from old pipework
  2. Natural micro-carbon from coconut shells
    • Reduces chlorine, filters substances that affect taste
    • Filters trace impurities such as certain herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals
    • Provides great-tasting, freshly filtered water
  3. Powerful ion-exchange pearls
    • Soften water
    • Protect your appliances
    • Reduce metals such as lead and copper
  4. Additional high-performance filter mesh

Certified: BRITA’s bio-based plastic

A child holds a little plant in its handsBio-based plastics are made entirely or partially from renewable, biological sources such as crops and plants. We only use bio-based plastic that has been certified by the globally recognised ISCC PLUS label (mass balance approach), and we ensure that our bio-based plastic comes from sources that do not compete with food production.

Mass balance is a method in which bio-based materials are mixed with fossil materials during the production process and then added to the final product. In this way, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint and the consumption of conventional plastic.

Discover the BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank

12 reviews for BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank, Pack of 2

  1. ksasokkumar

    Bought for my daughter as they need to consume a daily intake of water Loves itWould recommend save on loads of plastic bottles

  2. sagigirl

    Very Good
    This water filter works really well. I have no problems with it and it’s very strong. It can hold a lot of water

  3. Wonder ye4rs

    Excellent product
    Product quality and value of money. Good for family usage.

  4. lina

    Great size
    I’ve just moved from a soft water to hard water area and the water here is awful. I drink a lot of water and didn’t want to buy bottles every day.

  5. martin ludlammartin ludlam

    Great size we love it

  6. Kitty Lee

    Love that you can get a good quantity of water in this. All unsure about brita filters as they’re disposable. Have been using compatible alternatives.

  7. jesika

    Excellent. Compact. Value for money.
    Good for a family or even an individual. The smaller Brita filters are a pain to be kept filling constantly.

  8. Alex

    Very pleased with this water filter x fits in the fridge and now we all drink more water x delivered quick and packaged well x

  9. Joseph Megalaa

    Great Purchase!
    Nothing wrong with the product. It came quickly and was easy to assemble. Can hold a lot of water.

  10. Hate censorship

    Really good to get lots of cold water
    This sits in our fridge and has been great to get a lot of cold water.

  11. Nike

    Good quality water, easy to use, nice and clean make, Delivery on time.Thanks

  12. Mr sem

    Use to use the jug years ago. But decided to buy the tank because we use a lot of water for drinking..

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