BRITA Marella XL Water Filter Jug, White 1X MAXTRA PRO cartridge

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Stay hydrated at Home and in the Office

  • Color: White
  • Total Capacity: 3.5 L; Filtered Capacity: 2.0 L
  • Easy Flip Top Lid
  • Easy to Clean and Dishwasher safe
  • Designed to fit into your Fridge Door
  • BRITA PerfectFit for optimal filtration
  • Made with BRITA’s Bio-Based Plastic
  • BRITA Memo reminds you to change filter every 4 weeks for optimum filtration results
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BRITA Marella XL Water Filter Jugs are developed to ensure tasty drinking water for you and your loved ones. In a quest to give you fresh and tasty water we bring to you German Engineered Water Filter Jugs with Max Performance, Max Quality and Max Reliability

Product Information:

  • Always on time: BRITA Memo reminds you to change water filter every 4 weeks for optimum filtration results
  • Easy: Flip top lid can be opened with one hand
  • No worries: It’s dishwasher-safe (except lid)
  • Designed to fit in your fridge door,
    XL capacity (3.5 l total, 2.0 l filtered)
    25.8 x 25.8 x 14.8 cm (W x H x D)
  • BRITA PerfectFit for optimal filtration. Guarantees that all water is reliably filtered when using a MAXTRA PRO water filter

3 Reasons for BRITA Filtered Water:

BRITA provides you and your family with freshly filtered water and will give you fuller flavoured, better tasting cold and hot drinks.

BRITA water filters reduce limescale build up helping your kettle and coffee machine last longer.

Each BRITA MAXTRA PRO cartridge can filter up to 150 litres of water. Reduce your plastic use and save money by switching to BRITA.


This BRITA Marella XL Water Filter Jug is available in Two colors, White & Blue


  1. BRITA Water Filter Cartridge – MAXTRA PRO All-In-1 / 3 Pack
  2. BRITA Water Filter Cartridge – MAXTRA PRO Limescale Expert / 3 Pack

BRITA Marella XL Water Filter Jug’s Filtration in a nutshell

  1. Super-fine mesh captures coarse particles from old pipework
  2. Natural microcarbon from coconut shells
    • Reduces chlorine, filters substances that affect taste
    • Flters trace impurities such as certain herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals
    • Provides great-tasting, freshly filtered water
  3. Powerful ion-exchange pearls
    • Soften water
    • Protect your appliances
    • Reduce metals such as lead and copper
  4. Addtional high-performance filter mesh

Certified: BRITA’s bio-based plastic

Bio-based plastics are made entirely or partially from renewable, biological sources such as crops and plants. We only use bio-based plastic that has been certified by the globally recognised ISCC PLUS label (mass balance approach), and we ensure that our bio-based plastic comes from sources that do not compete with food production.

Mass balance is a method in which bio-based materials are mixed with fossil materials during the production process and then added to the final product. In this way, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint and the consumption of conventional plastic.

Discover the BRITA Marella XL Water Filter Jug

24 reviews for BRITA Marella XL Water Filter Jug, White 1X MAXTRA PRO cartridge

  1. Haych

     What a difference this makes

    Had this filter jug for nearly 2 month now, only just changed the filter – the water still tasted great almost 2 weeks after the jug telling us to change it. It was so easy to put together and fills enough for atleast 4/5 pints of water before needing to be filled again (the top compartment does only hold enough for around 2 pints though) We haven’t drank water straight from the tap since buying this. Well worth the money 

  2. Shopper

    Good product

    Keeps the water fresh and tasting good.

  3. Paulina

    Good quality

    Definitely would recommend

  4. hananeh


    Water filters super quick and it holds a lot more water than my previous one that took ages to filter water.

  5. MS

     Easy to use and clean

    Easy to use and clean. I have bought one more because I keep drinking the fresh water and found it’s nice to keep one in the fridge – but it’s quite big so do need a bit of space. It’s very easy to keep clean and has made me drink more water.

  6. Brittany

     Water tastes great

    Having recently moved to London, I find the water here tastes gross but this filters out that taste so well (I’m assuming it’s filtering out the limescale). The only thing is the filter does run through relatively quickly – I’d say it only lasts around a month but very happy with this purchase!

  7. TJS

    Really simple to use

    We live in a very hard water area and use a water heater for our cups of tea, packet soups etc which constantly needs descaling. Our daughter just bought a Brita and suggested we give it a try, so far so good the quality of a cup of tea is noticeable, the jug is easy to set up and only takes 10-15 minutes to filter from full. My only gripe would be only getting one filter with it, there should be options to buy with 1, 2 or 3 filters included to make it easier, however registering with Brita when you receive it does open deals direct from them including low cost filters so that’s a bonus. 

  8. B Cole

     Nice big family size

    This is our second Brita jug. First one was the smaller size which we keep in the fridge door for cold water. This one we use for filling up the kettle, cooking etc. Nice big size suitable for a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 teens).

  9. Smart buyer

     Nice product

    Works really wellThe water taste and quality improves a lot after using this

  10. Kat

     Great product

    Arrived nice and quickly, got it for our new house.

  11. Abdullah Asif

     Overall very good

    Overall a good product. 3 liter capacity makes it a bit difficult to use and pour water but apart from that its a great product. Filters all the odour very well

  12. Greta

     Great big water filter

    Bought it as it have more capacity than other standard ones . Had same brand before and for price its great 

  13. Laura Norder

     Great water filter

    I had a filter years ago and decided to upgrade as m tap water locally tastes awful, this is a great size and makes the water taste nice. Not sure why water companies cant give us nice tasting water f this works so well? 

  14. Andi


    So glad ive bought this, our water had a earth taste even with water filter, so decided to get this, kids love it, nice water chilled in fridge doesnt take long to filter either

  15. Muhammad Romeel

     This jug made my life easy.

    Its make my life easy, now i no more, carry weight on my back, just fill the jug from tap water, and it purifiers it, and we all drink, no side effects, no sickness i feel after using brita jug.

  16. Godiva

     Great tasting water and value for money

    Changed to this from a US imported PUR countertop filter dispenser, which was leading at the time plus klled more bacteria than the Brita (bought after our local drinking water was contaminated by raw sewage leading to many cases of sickness in the town, including ourselves, before the problem was discovered). The Brita water now tastes better (in line with current reviews) and the filters are far cheaper. Stylish looking jug, handy simple digital memo with four lines, one line removes itself each week until it is time to renew the filter. Easy to clean as all parts are dishwasher washable except lid. Very happy with this as clean and good tasting drinking water is a top priority for us living in a hard water area with bad tasting tap water. The XL model holds ample water for our family needs (and we drink a lot of water daily!) plus we keep glass bottles filled with water from it in the fridge (can add mint/ lemon slices/ cucumber slices to them) so no need for a fridge filter jug and everyone’s tastes catered for.

  17. pat chrisostomou

     Value for money

    Nice big jug, very good price and quick delivery.

  18. Bear Hull

    Great filter unit would highly recommended Bear Hull

    Good value and looks nice too

  19. Akhila Kumar

    Excellent product

    The taste of the water from this filter is similar to distilled water. If you replace filters on time this is a game changer.

  20. Syed Ahsan


    Great and really good jug. Enough to keep you hydrated and filters the water in minutes. Delivery was quick and the jug is big enough to last you a while.

  21. ianrb


    Superb..does what it says on the box..everything tastes much better..Coffee now WHOOHOO..I`m in heaven..

  22. MR L.

    Makes a huge difference

    We live in a hard water area and it’s amazing how much of a flavour and texture difference this Brita filter makes. I recently bought a steel water bottle and have been using it exclusively since getting the filter jug. I actually wish my gym had a filter too! Makes drinking enough water easy – just have to remember to fill it up after you pour a drink – that way you always have filtered water.I don’t think it would quite fit in our fridge door but I’m not too bothered about it being ice cold. Our tap water is pretty cold anyway.Not had to change the filter yet but it was a doddle to put in so I’m sure it’ll be easy. The small screen telling you how much time is left on the current filter should allow me to order more in plenty of time.

  23. Cathy


    Excellent jug at a fraction of the price compared with the high street. 

  24. Jacqueline


    What a difference in the taste of my coffee and no scum water marks in tea cup

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